JRPG Randomizer 200

A random list of JRPGs from the JRPG Index
ConsoleNameDeveloperLucca's Observations
3DSDefenders of Oasis (VC)SegaSee GG
3DSDrancia Saga (DL only)Urara-Works/SkipmoreAn auto-side-scrolling game where your character can't stop moving but must nonetheless level up and save the day!
3DSExcave (DL only)Mechanic ArmsA top-down dungeon crawler with stats determined by equipment; inventory is extremely limited and the interface is clunky; bland overall
3DSExcave II: Wizard of the Underworld (DL only)Mechanic ArmsDoes nothing to make itself stand out from the first game other than an interface change
3DSFairune 2 (DL only)SkipmorePlays like the first, but is about 4 times as big
3DSLegend of the River King (VC)Victor Interactive SoftwareSee GBC
3DSMonster Hunter 3 UltimateCapcom/EightingAn expanded version of Monster Hunter Tri (Wii), improving weapons and armor; was the first game to incorporate the Circle Pad Pro accessory
3DSOne Piece: Romance DawnThree RingsTells the story of the first half of the series; battles are done in a turn-based combo-heavy style; story cutscenes are presented in a dull, lazy fashion
3DSProject X Zone 2Monolith SoftPlays the same as its predecessor, but Segata Sanshiro is an available character; thereby making this game the best ever- I don't make the rules
3DSSadame (DL only)MebiusAn ARPG with 4 separate classes to hack and slash through an alternate history Sengoku period, includes a sphere grid-like customization system
3DSYo-kai Watch 2: Psychic SpectersLevel-5The all-encompassing third version of Yo-kai Watch 2, adds an additional questing area and a whole new tribe of demons to befriend
DSAway: Shuffle DungeonArtoon/MistwalkerUnique spin on the mystery dungeon rogue-like format: each of the two screens is randomized and will shuffle after a time
DSDokapon JourneySuzakHybrid JRPG/board game, super duper cute!
DSEtrian Odyssey II: Heroes of LagaardAtlus/LancarseVery similar to the first game, just as blisteringly hard, more mapping symbols available for use
DSFinal Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightMatrix Software/Square EnixA return to classic form for the series with a job-like system; the predecessor to Bravely Default
DSFossil FightersRED Entertainment/M2/Artdink/NintendoDig up fossils, combine them, revive them, and pit them against each other in Pokemon-like combat!
DSG.G Series: The Last Knight (DSiWare)Genterprise/SuzakBland budget top-down dungeon crawler with repetitive environments and music
DSGO Series: Picdun (DSiWare, delisted)IntenseA first-person dungeon crawl where your path through each floor makes a picture on the map, timing-based combat
DSInuyasha: Secret of the Divine JewelArt Co./Frontier GrooveRun-of-the-mill turn-based JRPG with an original story featuring the characters and setting of the anime/manga
DSMagician's Quest: Mysterious TimesAquriaIf Animal Crossing went to Hogwarts, this would be the adorable result
DSPokemon Diamond/PearlGame FreakLess water than Gen 3 Pokemon games, but with an obnoxious mountain to frequently travel through
DSRhapsody: A Musical AdventureNippon IchiChanges the SRPG combat to 2D turn-based fighting, no English song vocals
DSValkyrie Profile: Covenant of the PlumeTri-AcePrequel to the first Valkyrie Profile; an SRPG where permakilling party members voluntarily can greatly aid in battle
Game GearAx Battler: A Legend of Golden AxeAspect/SegaSide-scrolling ARPG; no leveling but magic pots can be used to upgrade skills
Game GearCrystal WarriorsSegaPretty standard SRPG for the time
GameCubeFinal Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesSquare EnixMultiplayer ARPG- no traditional leveling, using items instead
GameCubePhantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. RevolutionSonic TeamGrid-and-turn-based card battling system, because that was the style at the time
GB+GBCAzure DreamsKCENMore dungeons, less town-building and dating than the PSX version
GB+GBCThe Final Fantasy LegendSquareActually the first game in the SaGa series, has many different playable races and monsters
GBAGolden Sun: The Lost AgeCamelotPlays similar to the first, but from the villain's perspective
GBASuper Robot Taisen: Original GenerationBanprestoContains only original characters (no licensed mechs), gameplay is otherwise SRPG as always
GenesisMaster of MonstersSystemSoftSRPG with different monster types and hex-based grid movement
GenesisShining ForceClimax/Sonic Software PlanningEpic SRPG with unit promotion
JP FCChester Field: Ankoku Shin e no ChousenVic TokaiLight on text, hilarious walking animation, very platformy
JP FCDowntown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zen'in Shuugou!Technos JapanKunio and the bois act out a period play the only way they know how, stats now increase upon defeating certain amounts of enemies
JP FCKaijuu MonogatariBirthdayPretty standard, but also super-hard at the beginning
JP FCMirai Shinwa JarvasTaitoIf it looks like a kusoge, and plays like a kusogeā€¦
JP FCOutlandersMicronicsKooky sci-fi with wonky ARPG combat
JP Game GearMadou Monogatari I: Mitsu no MadouryokuCompileArle doing Arle stuff - just first-person dungeon crawling with the same unorthodox display of stats
JP Game GearMoldorian: Hikari to Yami no SisterSegaReally good artwork, a turn-based battle system that gives you only seconds to input commands
JP GBANapoleonGenkiRTSRPG starring Napoleon Bonaparte doing some very not-historically-accurate things
JP GBARockman EXE 4.5: Real OperationCapcomNot part of the MMBN story, gives you the ability to control multiple Navis
JP PC EngineThe Tower of DruagaNamcoPlays a lot like the classic arcade dungeon crawler, but stats can be increased between floors or after finding items
JP PS2Front Mission 5: Scars of the WarSquare EnixMore tactical Wanzer combat, largely similar to Front Mission 2, with the addition of friendly fire
JP PSP.hack//LINKCyberConnect2ARPG, last game chronologically in the series, lots of characters from past series media, often regarded as the worst game
JP PSPR-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter ChocolateIremContinues the same style of gameplay as the first game; three campaigns to choose from; stats can be improved with leveling
JP PSXLangrisser IVNCSMostly similar to the others, features an uneven turn system; remake of the Saturn version
JP SFCCrystal Beans: From Dungeon ExplorerBirthday/Hudson SoftStraightforward ARPG gameplay, hidden playable characters, leveling stats through gems
JP SFCCyber Knight II: Chikyuu Teikoku no YabouAtelier Double/Group SNESimilar gameplay but massive graphical leap over the first
JP SFCDark HalfWest OneItem-based leveling system; also, spoiler alert (not really): You play the antagonist!
JP SFCDragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no DaichiHeartbeatThird game in the Zenithian trilogy, return of the class system
JP SFCFEDA: The Emblem of JusticeMax EntertainmentSRPG developed by some of the Shining Force team, features a morality-based system
JP SFCKuusou Kagaku Sekai Gulliver BoyAmbleVery short ARPG with ungodly levels of hair spikiness on the protagonist
JP SFCMajin TenseiAtlusSRPG SMT spinoff with (naturally) demon recruitment and fusion
JP SFCShin Seikoku: La WaresJ-ForceBased off a Japanese TTRPG, featuring mech combat
JP SFCTenchi Muyo!: Game HenTamTamIsometric turn and grid-based combat, based off the anime!
JP SFCXak: The Art of Visual StageMicro Cabin/Tokai EngineeringYs' cousin, but the story only covers the first half of the first game on MSX
Master SystemMiracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark LordKogadoExtremely sparse story, strange overworld movement
Master SystemPhantasy StarSegaSci-fi JRPG great-grandpappy
N64Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly CaliberQuestPlays like Ogre Battle, RTS elements and political story
NESCastlevania II: Simon's QuestKonamiSurprise! Contains a day/night system and XP/leveling
NESDragon WarriorChunsoftSolo questing to save the kingdom!
NESDragon Warrior IIChunsoftRescuing the kingdom, now with a party!
NESDragon Warrior IVChunsoftBreaks up the story into chapters with different protagonists that come together in the end
NESUncharted WatersKoeiDo you like micromanagement? Capitalism? Minimal fantasy? This may be for you!
PS2.hack Part 2: MutationCyberConnect2ARPG that tries to mimic early MMO features
PS2Disgaea: Hour of DarknessNippon IchiSRPG with ridiculous party stats, party lifting, and Prinnies!
PS2GrimGrimoireVanillawareRTSRPG, units level up based on progress in the story
PS2Growlanser GenerationsCareer SoftCollection of SRPGs Growlanser II and III, last Working Designs release, include auto-battle systems
PS2Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of MemoriesSquare EnixStill card-based, but with voice acting, new cutscenes, and 3D combat
PS2Phantom BraveNippon IchiAnother Disgaea-adjacent SRPG; gridless system and borderless maps (characters and objects can fall off)
PS2Suikoden TacticsKonamiAn SRPG with a heavy focus on elements and support characters; takes place both before and after Suikoden IV
PS3Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn StarGustPrequel to the Ar Tonelico series with similar songstress protection and mental deep-dive mechanics
PS3Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of ArlandGustThird game in Arland storyline, adds complexity to the battle system with turn manipulation
PS3Battle Princess of Arcadias (DL only)ApollosoftSide-scrolling beat-em up with a cutesy art style; both army conflicts and siege battles appear in addition
PS3Chrono Cross (PSone Classics)SquareSee PSX
PS3Dynasty Warriors: GundamKoeiHacky-slashy-mechy ARPG musou fun with the ability to change the outcomes of certain pilots' predetermined fates
PS3Final Fantasy Origins (PSone Classics)Tose/SquareSee PSX
PS3Grandia (PSone Classics)Game ArtsSee PSX
PS3Lost DimensionLancarseRPG/visual novel hybrid with lots of party betrayal, replayability, and a tactical style of combat
PS3Parasite Eve (PSone Classics)SquareSee PSX
PS3Shadow Tower (PSone Classics)FromSoftwareSee PSX
PS3Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon (PS2 Classics)AtlusSee PS2
PS3Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES (PS2 Classics)AtlusSee PS2
PS3Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the OverlordAquaplus/StingSequel to a JP-only visual novel; plays more or less like a visual novel with occasional SRPG skirmishes thrown in
PS3Trinity UniverseIdea Factory/Gust/Nippon IchiTurn-based, has two different protagonists (each with different guest characters from Atelier and Disgaea) and an AP-based combo system
PS4Akiba's BeatAcquireSee Vita
PS4Bloodstained: Ritual of the NightArtPlaySee XBO
PS4Castlevania Advance Collection (DL only)KonamiSee XS
PS4Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition (DL only)D4 Enterprise/Square EnixA remaster of the dimension-hopper with QoL features, also contains the first localized appearance of Radical Dreamers
PS4CrystarGemdropsAn ARPG about escaping from purgatory using the power of crying to purify souls and obtain equipment
PS4Death end re;Quest 2Compile Heart/Idea FactoryKnocking enemies around in battle returns; VN elements and dark themes are still present, less "virtual" features than the first game
PS4Double Dragon & Kunio-kun Retro Brawler Bundle (DL only)Technos Japan/Million/Arc System WorksSee Switch
PS4Dragon Ball Z: KakarotCyberConnect2See XBO
PS4Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive AgeArmor Project/Square EnixNo random encounters, a free-form camera in combat, and tons of traditional but loveable style; considered by some to be the best in the series
PS4Dragon Star VarnirCompile HeartTurn-based combat that takes vertical positioning into consideration as well as the standard two-dimensional grid, some dark themes, some fanservice (typical IF/Compile)
PS4Dungeon and Gravestone (DL only)Wonderland Kazakiri Inc.See Switch
PS4Maglam Lord (DL only)FelistellaSee Switch
PS4NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...Square Enix/ToylogicBringing Brother Nier's story to the West for the first time, with an additional ending and updated gameplay more akin to Automata
PS4Nights of AzureGustAn ARPG with sapphic undertones that leans into fanservice territory; dark in tone with a focus on collecting demon blood to level yourself and the familiars you collect
PS4Persona 5AtlusSee PS3
PS4The Good Life (DL only)White Owls Inc.See XS
PS4The Last Remnant Remastered (DL only)Square EnixAdds a ton of QoL improvements originally from the PC version (removal of leader limits, a turbo mode for battles, etc) as well as spiffing up the visuals
PS4Touhou Genso Wanderer ReloadedAqua StyleAdds all DLC from the original, new story content, and characters; tweaks some gameplay mechanics
PS4Undernauts: Labyrinth of YomiExperienceSee XBO
PS4Void tRrLm(); //Void TerrariumNippon IchiPlays like a mystery dungeon title with a Tamagotchi-like twist; keeping your human alive and happy can give you bonuses in dungeons
PS4Yakuza 5 RemasteredRyu ga Gotoku StudioMinimal changes from the original overall, most notably a reworked localization
PS4Ys: Memories of CelcetaFalcomAdds a Japanese voice option, otherwise see Vita
PS5Ghostwire: TokyoTango GameworksFirst-person ARPG gameplay (complete with XP and leveling) that is both stylish and supernatural
PS5JudgmentRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4, but with a smoother framerate and gradient changes that may not be preferable to the original
PS5Puyo Puyo Tetris 2Sega/Sonic TeamFeatures Skill Battles wherein you must reduce your opponent's HP to 0 with the help of selected skills (and level up in other modes)!
PS5Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth- (DL only)Team LadybugA Metroidvania on the shorter side with shallower systems, but nonetheless satisfying elemental attacks
PS5Ruinverse (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Switch
PSPAedis Eclipse: Generation of ChaosIdea FactorySequel to Generation of Chaos, similar SRPG-adjacent gameplay; movement is done in a board game-like fashion and combat plays out automatically
PSPBlazing Souls: AccelateIdea FactorySPRG; a port of a JP-only PS2 game set after the true ending of Spectral Souls II, a non-linear storyline
PSPClass of HeroesZerodivFirst-person dungeon-crawler with highly customizable party members, and balancing compatibility between members is important
PSPDungeon Maker: Hunting GroundGlobal A EntertainmentSpend the days digging a dungeon to protect your town, then eliminating the monsters you trapped! Stat growth comes in the form of meals made from defeated foes
PSPFinal Fantasy Origins (PSone Classics)Tose/SquareSee PSX
PSPParasite Eve II (PSone Classics)SquareSee PSX
PSPPhantasy Star PortableAlfa System/Sonic TeamSequel to Phantasy Star Universe, plays in a similar ARPG style, customizable player character, mission-based structure
PSPPoPoLoCroisG-ArtistsAdorable characters, wholesome setting, turn-based combat with some grid elements, a combined enhanecd version of two previously Japan-only PSX games
PSPRiviera: The Promised LandStingAdds full voice acting, more CG images, and more events to the GBA version of the game
PSPShepherd's CrossingSuccessAdds a few QoL changes but otherwise spiffs up the visuals of the original
PSPThe Legend of Heroes: Trails in the SkyFalcomThe 6th Legend of Heroes game/first Trails game, starts an interweaving storyline, combat is turn-based but offers lots of attack options, NPCs react to the story dynamically
PSPThe Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC (DL only)FalcomImmediate sequel to the first game, plot-heavy with compelling characters, gameplay similar to the first but adds combination attacks
PSXFinal Fantasy VIIISquareBest card game, not-best stat/leveling system
PSXHoshigami: Ruining Blue EarthMax FiveSRPG with interesting battle mechanics but unforgiving difficulty
PSXMonster SeedNK SystemMonster-raising and battling SRPG, where the monsters have a limited lifespan
PSXTecmo's Deception: Invitation to DarknessTecmoMake deals with the devil and use traps to kill your enemies!
PSXThousand ArmsRED Entertainment/AtlusJRPG with heavy dating sim elements
PSXVagrant StorySquareDarker-themed ARPG with the same setting as Final Fantasy XII and Tactics, heavy crafting focus
SaturnVirtual HydlideT&E SoftRemake of the first Hydlide, with the best framerate known to man
SNESBrandishFalcom/KoeiTop-down dungeon crawl, the only entry in the series to be localized
SNESFinal Fantasy IISquareActually Final Fantasy IV, Introduced the Active Time Battle system and removed the ability to customize party members
SNESSoul BlazerQuintetPart of the legendary Quintet trilogy, an ARPG with some town-reconstruction elements
SNESYs III: Wanderers From YsFalcom/Advance CommunicationSimilar to the FC version, but with cleaner graphics and arguably worse hit detection
SwitchAlphadia Genesis (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Wii U
SwitchBonds of the SkiesHit-PointSee 3DS
SwitchDamascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition (DL only)AplusSee Vita, but prettier
SwitchDemoniaca: Everlasting Night (DL only)AKI/EastasiasoftSee XS
SwitchDouble Dragon & Kunio-kun Retro Brawler BundleTechnos Japan/Million/Arc System WorksA compilation with many previously unlocalized titles of the latter series
SwitchDragon Ball: Xenoverse 2DimpsSee XBO
SwitchDream House Days DX (DL only)KairosoftAn apartment manager sim where you level up your furniture, tenants, and their potential careers; capitalism at its most end-stage form
SwitchEverdark Tower (DL only)Hit-PointIn the same series as Archlion Saga, with the same combat system to boot; characters are more cookie-cutter than its predecessor
SwitchGokenGiantyA simple ARPG with a lush art style, particularly in backgrounds; character growth is customizable
SwitchHarvest Moon: Light of HopeTabotSee PS4
SwitchLost SphearTokyo RPG FactorySee PS4
SwitchMercenaries Rebirth: Call of the Wild Lynx (DL only)RideonA better translation than previous entries, aggro factors into enemy attack choice, but generally more of the same
SwitchMonster Hunter RiseCapcomMonster hunting, now with doggo pals and many more combat options; iterates on ideas from both World and previous games
SwitchPaper Mario: The Origami KingIntelligent SystemsNot much in the RPG department yet again (HP is upgraded by collecting hearts), but the turn- and timing-based combat returns with extra complexity
SwitchRuinverse (DL only)Exe-CreateThe same Kemco turn-based fare as usual, the main character has two different forms that provide different strengths in battle
SwitchSaviors of Sapphire Wings/Stranger of Sword City RevisitedExperience/CodeglueTwo first-person dungeon crawlers, one brought to the West for the first time with an emphasis on character social interaction to enhance stat bonuses (see XBO/Vita for the other)
SwitchTokyo Mirage Sessions #FE EncoreAtlusAdds new side stories and all previous DLC; allows a secondary party member to be called into combat; other QoL changes
SwitchWorldNeverland: Elnea Kingdom (DL only)AlthiA slice-of-kingdom-life sim with dungeons to explore and very large amounts of townspeople to talk to/marry; skills can be leveled to make kingdom life easier
SwitchYodanji (DL only)KemcoYokai-themed roguelike with many unlockable/playable demons, minimalistic graphics, and limited inventory space
Turbografx-CDCosmic Fantasy 2Laser SoftStandard JRPG, major selling point for the TGCD, enemies only use basic attacks
VitaAlvastia Chronicles (DL only)Exe-CreateKemco's sort-of answer to Suikoden, with a large cast of recruitable characters, a lot of which can fight on screen; otherwise predictably bland
VitaAsdivine HeartsExe-CreateSee Wii U
VitaAtelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (DL only)GustSee PS4
VitaBonds of the Skies (DL only)Hit-PointSee 3DS
VitaExist Archive: The Other Side of the SkyTri-Ace/Spike ChunsoftPlays a lot like Valkyrie Profile (comes from the same studio), has multiple endings depending on in-game choices
VitaFinal Fantasy VI (PSone Classics)Tose/SquareSee PSX
VitaMystery Chronicle: One Way HeroicsSpike ChunsoftHas some mystery dungeon elements, but you are forced to keep moving in order to avoid the ray of light that will destroy you (and it will)
VitaMystic ChroniclesHit-PointSee PSP
VitaParasite Eve (PSone Classics)SquareSee PSX
VitaRevenant SagaExe-CreateSee Wii U
VitaSecret of Mana (DL only)Q Studios/SquareRemade in 3D with a lot of the original visual charm missing, a new translation, adds voiced dialogue and makes QoL changes
VitaSoul SacrificeMarvelous/SCEJ/ComceptA heavily dark fantasy-styled Monster Hunter clone of sorts with the choice of sparing or sacrificing your enemies, allies, and own body parts as a crucial element to progression
VitaSuper Robot Wars V (Asia English)B.B. StudioSee PS4
VitaTales of Hearts R7thChord/Namco BandaiRemake of a previously JP-only DS title; leveling is done by improving a character's signature weapon, emphasizes air combos and union special attacks in combat
VitaThe Lost ChildKadokawaFirst-person dungeon-crawling follow up to El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron; creatures in dungeons can be recruited into your party and used in battle
VitaValkyria Chronicles 2 (DL only)SegaSee PSP
VitaWarriors of the Lost Empire (DL only)Platinum EggSee PSP
VitaWizards of Brandel (DL only)Exe-CreateTries to have a sense of humor about its story, but is otherwise just another Kemco game
WiiDokapon KingdomStingNo gameplay changes as compared to PS2, but better graphics and easier multiplayer
WiiFinal Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeonh.a.n.d. Inc.Another Mystery Dungeon game starring Chocobo, this time with the addition of jobs (and subsequently adorable outfits)
WiiRune Factory: FrontierNeverlandHarvest and dungeon delve, all while trying to prevent a whale island from crashing to the ground!
WiiXenoblade ChroniclesMonolith SoftI'm really feeling loads of sidequests and ARPG combat!
Wii UFire Emblem (VC)Intelligent SystemsSee GBA
Wii UMonster Hunter 3 UltimateCapcom/EightingSimilar to Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, but adds in underwater combat and has local multiplayer
Wii UNecromancer (VC)Hudson SoftAn untranslated horror-themed JRPG originally made for the PC Engine
Wii UPaper Mario: Color SplashIntelligent SystemsSystem based on paint and color, attacks are chosen by cards, story progress and some items confer stat increases
Xbox 360Phantasy Star II (DL only)SegaSee GEN
Xbox 360Unholy Heights (DL only)Petit DepottoAn insane cross between a tower defense and an apartment manager sim, where you manage an abode for monsters that have their own lives
Xbox OneAsdivine Hearts II (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Vita
Xbox OneAsdivine Saga (DL only)Exe-CreateSee XS
Xbox OneCastlevania Advance Collection (DL only)KonamiSee XS
Xbox OneFinal Fantasy XII: The Zodiac AgeSquare EnixIncorporates the elements from the previously JP-only International Zodiac Job system, which features multiple license boards and QoL changes
Xbox OneLegend of Ixtona (DL only)WorldWideSoftwareSee Switch
Xbox OneMonochrome Order (DL only)Hit-PointKemco's at it again with a game that has lot of moral dilemmas and player choices that surprisingly matter, if a bit ham-fistedly
Xbox OneStranger of Sword City (DL only)ExperienceSee Vita
Xbox OneSword Art Online: Alicization LycorisAquriaFollows the third anime season, gameplay is still ARPG-styled but frequently interrupted by long bursts of visual novel-like dialogue
Xbox SeriesAlphadia Genesis 2 (DL only)Exe-CreateKemco is at it again, cribbing a battle style somewhat akin to Bravely Default; sprites while exploring and PS2-level graphics during fights
Xbox SeriesArmed Emeth (DL only)Hit-PointKemco takes a swing at Metal Max; hunting bounties with your mechanical golem partner is the main gameplay loop
Xbox SeriesAsdivine Cross (DL only)Exe-CreateSee 3DS
Xbox SeriesPhantasy Star Online 2Sega Online R&DSee XBO
PS4Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive TownMarvelousSee Switch
PS4Lost Epic (DL only)Team Earth Wars/oneoreightSee PS5
SwitchSD Gundam Battle Alliance (Asia English/DL)Artdink/AlvionSee XS
PS5Soul Hackers 2AtlusA modern-day interpretation of cyberpunk themes with character bonding moments and the usual demon fusion
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