JRPG Randomizer 5

A random list of JRPGs from the JRPG Index
ConsoleNameDeveloperLucca's Observations
3DSEtrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir KnightAtlusA reimagining of the second game, adds more classes and a story mode along with balance and QoL changes
GBAPokemon FireRed/LeafGreenGame FreakRemakes of Red/Green versions
PS2Dynasty TacticsKoeiRomance of the Three Kingdoms-themed SRPG
SwitchEverdark Tower (DL only)Hit-PointIn the same series as Archlion Saga, with the same combat system to boot; characters are more cookie-cutter than its predecessor
Wii UXenoblade Chronicles XMonolith SoftOpen-world ARPG with a customizable avatar, mechs are available, combat is somewhat complex, story not linked to other Xeno games
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