JRPG Randomizer

A random list of JRPGs from the JRPG Index
ConsoleNameDeveloperLucca's Observations
DSHarvest Moon: The Tale of Two TownsMarvelousYou're now both a farmer and ambassador!
DSIzuna: Legend of the Unemployed NinjaNinja StudioRoguelike dungeon crawler with a quirky protagonist, decent difficulty curve
DSLegacy of Ys: Books I & IIDreams/FalcomCombined enhanced remake of Ys I and II with 3D and potential multiplayer
DSSolatorobo: Red the HunterCyberConnect2Spiritual sequel to Tail Concerto (PSX), with steampunk robot combat and tons of furries
FCDouble Moon DensetsuAmusement/Dennou Kenkyusho/ORGMultiple endings, multiple classes to choose from, pulls some nasty punches on the player
GameCubeEvolution WorldsStingPorts of Evolution 1 and 2, but the former is heavily trimmed down
GameCubePokemon ColosseumGenius SonorityYou're a trainer, go purify some Shadow Pokemon!
NESRPG Jinsei GameTakaraMake the correct life choices to increase your stats and achieve your career dreams!
NESTaoPax SoftonicaHeavily religious-themed, bizarre af (you ride a dinosaur to Moscow), likely kusoge
PS2Digimon World 4BECDigimon-themed ARPG with a clunky camera and a lack of balance
PS2Tales of LegendiaNamcoReverts back to the linear combat of earlier entries, about half of the game takes place after the final boss is defeated
PS2Unlimited SagaSquareMuch-maligned game with 7 different protagonists, a board-game style of exploration, and an obtuse combat system
PS42021Square EnixA massively overhauled MMORPG with heaps of story content through expansions and references spanning the whole series (and beyond)
PS4Let It Die (DL only)Grasshopper ManufactureGrasshopper Manufacture's attempt at a Souls-like roguelike, with free-to-play elements and a cumbersome item management system
PSPThe Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight WitchMicrovision/FalcomFirst game in the Gagharv trilogy, despite western release order; gameplay is still very traditional, arguably bland, continues the pet system from the previous game
PSXDragon Warrior VIIHeart BeatLooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong Dragon Quest game
PSXKoudelkaSacnothHorror-themed JRPG, the precursor to the Shadow hearts series
SNESRobotrekQuintet/AncientCustomize your robo-buddy party!
SwitchNi no Kuni: Wrath of the White WitchLevel-5See PS3
SwitchShining Resonance RefrainO-Two/Sega/Media.VisionSee PS4
VitaArc the Lad II (PSone Classics)G-Craft/ARC EntertainmentSee PSX
VitaBrandish: The Dark Revenant (DL only)FalcomSee PSP
VitaGravity RushSCEJARPG with a focus on manipulating gravity to traverse the open world using the gyroscope; gems are collected to level up character attributes and abilities
VitaThe Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC (DL only)FalcomSee PSP
Xbox OneOctopath TravelerAcquire/Square EnixSee Switch
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