Community Rules

  • Respect leaders, members and guests of the server.
  • Excessive flaming/bullying of other members will not go unpunished.
  • Alternate/Duplicate accounts are not allowed.
  • Moderators and Administrators have the final word and their decisions/actions are not up for public debate. If you have a concern, please voice it over a private message with Stiltzkin bot on discord.
  • If a member is banned and would like to come back to the server, an appeal form must be filled out.
  • If the ban is lifted, that member will be in a probationary period for one month.
  • Our community accepts all walks of human life. No matter what your skin color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or age is, you are welcomed in JRPGC. We will not tolerate prejudice and bigotry.
  • No Backseat Moderating. Backseat moderating is when people who are not moderators try to enforce the server rules.
  • Respect the opinions of all members. Name-calling, heated arguments, gate keeping and inconsiderate behavior is not welcomed. Our community allows civil debates, but not at anyone else’s expense.

Rule Enforcement

The rules apply to all members, regardless of role or rank. Everyone is expected to follow the rules of this server. In most cases, punishments are handled individually in a private manner from the Killing Machine bot. Leaders reserve the right to punish members at their discretion if they have broken any of these rules. Punishments include warnings, access removal, mutes, kicks and bans from the server. If you notice anyone breaking the rules, please ping send a DM to the Stiltzkin bot with the offense to discuss it with leadership.

Our JRPG Definition

A JRPG is a Japanese role-playing game. If a video game is made by Japanese developers and has RPG characteristics, we consider it to be a JRPG. Any Japanese video game that has an emphasis on player progression through levels, skills, statistics, and/or experience is considered a JRPG in JRPG Chronicles.

JRPG Nicknames

Official JRPGC Members are required to use JRPG nicknames in the server. Using JRPG nicknames is a fun and long standing tradition in our server. Guests of the server are not required to use JRPG nicknames, but will unable to access certain community features.